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Gisborne Books



Printer's ProgressPrinter's Progress - A New Zealand newspaper story 1840-2014 by Margaret Rees-Jones

RRP $50 paperback  $75 hardback

       New Zealand's first newspaper, the New Zealand Gazette, began in 1840 on a beach near what today is Wellington. James Muir happened along the beach at a propitious time; a qualified printer from Edinburgh, who had much adventuring along the way, he not only repaired the newly arrived press but pulled the first damp sheet. Most early New Zealand newspapers found the economic soil too tough and life for the printers was uncertain. In 1848 Muir and four other printers established the very successful Wellington Independent. They raced for the news in boats, worked a roster system as times, took produce as payment, and went against the fashion by illustrating their newspaper with woodblock prints. communication during this 175-year period and this story follows these changes, and with them the evolving communities of WPrinter's ink runs through six generations of the Muir family. James' son, Allen Muir, moved to Gisborne on New Zealand's North Island, where he bought the long-running Poverty Bay (Gisborne) Herald. It remains an independent daily newspaper to this day. But this is not just a story of a family, as it peers behind the scenes of New Zealand's newspaper world. It is a social history from the shop floor. Extraordinary changes have occurred in the world of printing and communication during this 175-year period and this story follows these changes, and with them the evolving communities of Wellington and in particular the East Coast area of Gisborne and its surrounds.


Gisborne and East Coast history book from 1950 to 1012.  A Splendid Isolation by Sheridan Gundry.A Splendid Isolation by Sheridan Gundry
HB $115  PB $75
The history of Gisborne and the East Coast from 1950 to 2012 includes 100's of black and white photographs and is a must for every Gisborne and East Coast family.





Making a Killing by Sheridan Gundry


A history of the Gisborne and East Coast freezing works industry.




Gisborne place by the sea new gisborne picture book

Gisborne - A Place by the Sea  Photographs by Gray Clapham  $40

Beautiful recent photographs of Gisborne town, historic buildings and beaches. Published 2012.




 Blue Sky Highway - The East Cape of New Zealand

Blue Sky Highway - The East Cape of New Zealand Photographs by Gray Clapham $40

Photographs of the beaches, wharves and settlements on Highway 35 East Coast